5 Different Uses of Cloves to Try at Home

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5 different uses of clove you must try at home

Clove is a pungent, aromatic spice derived from flower buds of an evergreen tree, also known as Syzygium aromaticum. Used extensively in Indian cuisine, they also feature in various sweet dishes as well. Apart from being used in the kitchen, Clove is considered as a traditional Ayurvedic medicine in the Indian subcontinent. In this article we are going to highlight the different uses of clove and its health benefits.


Clove oil, (extracted from cloves) helps reduce the pressure that gas puts on the stomach and supports the proper elimination of waste. Clove also has Eugenol which is a powerful anti-inflammatory.


Cloves can reduce pain and fight bacteria, which is why it is often used in the treatment of tooth pain and other oral issues such as gum disease and gingivitis. Thanks to its pain relieving properties, it is used as a common ingredient in many toothpastes.

3.ACNE :

If you are troubled by breakouts, consider using cloves as an in-house acne remedy. Mix one teaspoon clove powder with some raw honey and apply to acne. Let it dry and rinse off. You will see visible changes 2-3 days.


Clove is said to help preserve bone density and mineral content of the bone. They also help increase the tensile strength of bones in osteoporosis.


Cloves can calm the nerves which makes them great for combating stress and anxiety. They induce hormones that regulate stress and lift up your mood. Sipping on clove infused tea is a perfect way to beat the stress away.

Cloves can also help get rid of mold, reduce foul odor, and even be used as an all-purpose cleaner. If you want to enjoy all the benefits of clove mentioned above, click here to buy the purest and most potent clove.