Benefits of Black Salt?

Himalayan Black salt is unlike any other salt. It has a very distinct taste, and looks different too. Himalayan Black salt is first produced as Pink Salt, which is a form of rock salt. The Himalayan Pink Salt is then treated with herbs, seeds, and spices and finally heated to high temperatures to bring out its unique taste.

The uses of Natural Black Salt:

Black salt is extensively used in various dishes and street foods.

Black salt helps enhance the flavour of chaat thanks to its in-depth flavor profile.

Here are some of the health benefits of natural black salt:

Choosing black salt may have several potential health benefits. The black salt is a rich source of calcium and iron. One serving of Natural Black Salt contains 0g sugar, 0g trans fat and 0mg cholesterol.

1.Low sodium levels

Regular table salt may have a higher sodium content than naturally derived black salt.

2.May contain fewer additives

Black salt may contain fewer additives than regular table salt. This is because traditional black salt goes through minimal processing, without additives.

These are some of the found and established benefits of black salt. You can buy a pack of Natural tattva Black Salt right here.