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  1. The Organic Movement

    The Organic Movement

    Given the way they’ve been gaining popularity lately; you must’ve wondered as to what was the motivating factor behind people switching to organic.

    Well, for starters, organic foods have always been around. In fact, your great grandparents probably grew top quality organic grains and vegetables in their own backyard.

    This entire movement revolving around organic foods came into existence in response to the industrialisation of agriculture. Back in the post-war era following World War II, farmers started to use new techniques, including synthetic pesticides and chemicals to get rid of weeds, insects, and other pests.

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  2. Organic Certification – Facts You Should Know

    Organic Certification – Facts You Should Know

    When we speak of organic foods, the first thing that comes to mind is the several health benefits that they bring. Now what separates organic foods from the usual are methods used to produce them.

    Organic foods must comply with the standards of organic farming, which include practices such as promoting ecological balance, conserving biodiversity, and restriction on use of industrial solvents, or synthetic food additives. There are organisations dedicated to ensure that these standards are maintained.

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  3. Super Foods - Your Gateway to a Holistic Lifestyle

    Super Foods - Your Gateway to a Holistic Lifestyle

    If you’re wondering what super foods are, they are foods, mostly plant based, but can sometimes be derived from fish and dairy sources as well. They are so called because they have been thought to be nutritionally dense and hence, probably better for your health.

    Now eating healthy is a big task by itself, but to maintain a similar diet for a prolonged period is an even bigger achievement. Super foods do not have a designated category or a food group per se, and what may or may not be classified as super foods is debatable, since there is no particular criteria to define them.

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  4. Unfolding the Benefits of Organic Green Tea

    Unfolding the Benefits of Organic Green Tea

    Don’t you love sipping into a hot cup of green tea on a cold winter’s morning?

    Well, tea has been India’s favorite drink for decades. But green tea is relatively new. You’ve probably heard people tell you that green tea is good for weight-loss, well, they aren’t wrong but green tea does more than just that!

    Green tea has been native to India & China and was regularly consumed for medicinal purposes. For those of you who have recently been introduced to green tea, here are a few facts you may want to know!

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  5. Going Back To Our Roots

    Going Back To Our Roots

    Have you ever wondered how food gets on your plate?

    It’s quite difficult to understand the long, mysterious journey from underneath the ground right up to the grocery store and onto your kitchen table.

    After a lot of researching, soul-searching, speaking to people, digging up facts and understanding the bigger picture, we assure that switching to an organic lifestyle could easily be the single-most effective way to curb physical and mental health problems and help in creating a sustainable universe.

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